Monday, June 28, 2010

The mistake I had to have !

On Saturday I was at the South Fred Meyer store, here in Medford, and there it was, on the 50% off bargain table. It was an officially licenced,framed and matted picture, of an Oregon Duck football game at Autzen Stadium in Eugene Oregon. In the upper left hand corner is the licensed red Rose Bowl logo with the words "Rose Bowl Bound 2010." At the bottom in a cut out of the matting are the words "Civil War 2009 Oregon 37 OSU 33 On to Rose Bowl." The picture shows the Oregon Duck players in their "throwback" uniforms with yellow pants in a huddle near the sidelines with a great view of crowd on the North side of Autzen Stadium. It's a beautiful day with blue sky and the fans are dressed for shirtsleeve weather. With a magnifying glass I even found yours truly in section 13 row 20, wearing my Oregon hat, white short sleeve shirt and Oregon sweater vest and standing next to me is the big guy from Portland I sit next to at the games wearing his "throwback" Oregon jersey.

One big problem...... they used the wrong picture! It's from a different game!It's NOT a picture from the Oregon State "Civil War" game. The Ducks did not wear YELLOW pants at that game. They wore WHITE pants. The "Civil War" game with Oregon State was played on Thursday night on DECEMBER 3, 2009 and take it from me, it was not sunny shirtsleeve weather. In fact, the picture is from the Oregon vs Cal game on Saturday, September 26th, 2009 on a bright sunny day when the Ducks beat Cal 42 to 3 in a game televised by ABC TV in an afternoon game.

Below is a picture ACTUALLY taken at the end of the Oregon vs Oregon State "Civil War" game of two happy fans who have just found out they are "Rose Bowl Bound" Go Ducks ! However despite the error the picture is now hanging on my office wall with other "Rose Bowl Bound" pictures (including the one below) but with this explanation taped on the back for the sake of history.