Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer of 09 Finally Here !

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone. School is out for the Summer and graduations have been held. Now the calender says it is Summer so the last guide post has been passed . Yesterday I went down to Target to buy a special edition 3 CD set of the soundtrack to Woodstock held in the Summer of 69, 40 years ago. Target has a big 40 year celebration going on with "Woodstock" merchandise in it's own section of the store. They have a blu ray DVD of the movie "Woodstock" for sale along with the regular DVD, the Soundtrack CD I bought, paper dishes and napkins with the "Woodstock" logo, as well as posters, tee shirts and even beach towels. I love it, Capitalism co opting the hippies!

I was not at Woodstock in the Summer of 1969! I was being drafted into the U.S. Army. However, if every guy in the army who told me he was at Woodstock actually was telling the truth there would have been twice as many people there. In 1970 if you walked through an army barracks you would have seen every other guy playing the Woodstock album on his stereo. It was very popular. I like only about 50 % of the album but bought it because it reminds of a time and place in my youth. 40 years ago!