Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vice President Dick Cheney

I know I am swimming against the political tide but I like and will miss Vice President Dick Cheney. He was a rock in the Bush Presidency and America is a safer place because of his efforts. In a world where politicians test ideas with "focus groups" not Dick Cheney! I liked him long before he was picked by George W. Bush for VP. In fact a number of year ago I wanted him to run for President because of he experience and calm determined strength. It's unclear that America will in the future be able to produce leaders like Dick Cheney who understand the nature of the threats that face this country. The United State has become anemic like Western Europe and the political class has lost it's will to defend itself against the barbarians. Luckily we still have frontier areas such as Wyoming.........and
Alaska...... where that spirit has not died. You are a real Jack Bauer!

Thanks Vice President Dick Chaney.... enjoy your retirement.... many of us will not forget your courage and service.

"What’s going to happen here [on January 20] is truly remarkable, if you think about it. I mentioned to somebody the other day — they asked me if I thought things had gotten better or worse during the 40 years since I came to Washington. And I thought back for a minute and was reminded that in 1968 we started the year with the Tet offensive in Vietnam. We had Lyndon Johnson withdraw from the campaign, we had Martin Luther King assassinated, we had Bobby Kennedy assassinated, we had riots in the cities, we had a riot in Chicago that was called the Democratic national convention.

“And here we are 40 years later and we’re about to swear in the first African-American president in history. That’s remarkable. I didn’t vote for him and don’t agree with him on a lot of issues, but I think it really says a hell of a lot for the country that we’ve come that far in that period of time.

“And so I’m basically an optimist — both for the country and for the

Dick Cheney