Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Charter Cable May file for Bankruptcy? Good News for Ducks?

The Medford Mail Tribune has an article about the troubles of Charter Cable (Charter Communications)nationwide and it's large debt load in which it has defaulted. The article may partially explain why Comcast SportsNet Cable Channel that broadcasts many Oregon Duck games is not picked up by Charter Cable. The article speculates that maybe Comcast Cable would buy out Charter Cable:

Philadelphia-based Comcast Corp., the nation's biggest cable provider, would be a likely candidate to purchase Charter's Oregon holdings. Comcast already operates in Portland, Salem, Eugene and the northern Oregon Coast

If that happened it would certainly solve the problem of Oregon Duck fans in Southern Oregon not getting Oregon football, basketball and the coaches shows. Click on the title for a link

At the start of the football season Comcast was asking Oregon Cable companies about $2.00 per subscriber per month to allow them to broadcast Comcast SportsNet which carries the Oregon Sports Network (OSN). Now the price has been dropped, according to a good source, to the $1.00 range which may be why the cable company in Bend has come on board. However there has been no reported movement as to Charter Communications which again may be explained by their financial problems described above.

Last week our daughter called us from Washington DC where she lives and told us having Oregon games on Comcast wasn't so bad since she was able to watch a Duck game there which I couldn't get here in Medford, Oregon because we have Charter Communications.