Thursday, January 08, 2009

Fox Sports Terrible BCS Coverage

Tonight is the BCS National Championship Game between Florida and Oklahoma. Fox Sports will broadcast the game. So far I have not been happy with their coverage of the other BCS college bowl games.... the Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Fiesta Bowl. ABC and ESPN do a much better job on the Rose Bowl. Fox has announcers, many of whom you have never heard of, and they all wear formal "power suits" at a college football game! Even the sideline reporters looked like they are dressed for a wedding and not a football game. Their analysis crew at half time is also over dressed, uninspiring and are located in an antiseptic studio a world removed from the bowl game. They only give perfunctory attention to the half time entertainment. There are weird angle shots during the games and they miss a lot of replays. They show graphics at key points causing you to miss the action on the field.You get none of the excitement and color of the college football game. ABC/ESPN's coverage of the Rose Bowl is in stark contrast..... they do it right. I absolutely hate the Fox Sports BCS promo where college football players like "lemmings" run into a maze. Fox sports does ok on the NFL but there is a world of difference between college football and the NFL and Fox Sports does not recognize that fact. Fox Sports does not broadcast college football during the regular season and it shows. The good news it that ESPN has out bid Fox Sports for the 2011 BCS Bowls. While we are on the subject of Fox Sports I also hate the animated robot graphic they use during NFL games.