Thursday, March 06, 2008

Why I don't watch Television Network Dramas

Michelle Malkin has a column about an episode of NBC’s TV show, “Medium,” in which a character playing an Arizona state senator/POW turns out be a murdering cannibal while a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. I wonder who they are alluding to! To read her column click on the title for a link. I have noticed for some time that in TV drams on Network television the "bad guys" are often "big business and businessmen, Republicans, Conservatives, people in the Military, those who are religious, and those who take the war on terrorism seriously. A few weeks ago I broke my rule and actually watched several episodes of "Jericho" about the United States after a number of nuclear bombs go off in major American cities. However it soon became clear that the "bad guys" were some conservatives in Cheyenne Wyoming who form a new United State Government and blame it all on the North Koreans etc. They even have the gall to change the history books to argue that Kennedy "chickened out" during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Imagine people who would believe that, they must be really evil!BACK TO FOX NEWS the History Channel and DVD's for me.