Sunday, March 16, 2008

Trip to the Oregon Coast and Politics

Last week my wife and I made a business trip to the beautiful Oregon coast to a business conference. We stayed near Lincoln City and mixed work with some fun. While I attended meetings during the day my wife got to do some shopping and reading. While at the conference I met an interesting gentleman from Spokane Washington who I later leaned was a presidential elector in 1976 pledged to Gerald Ford who when it came time to cast his electoral ballot voted for former California Governor Ronald Reagan. I knew there was something I liked about him. While on the coast we followed by Internet the Oregon Ducks in the Pac-10 Tournament (they lost) and the South Medford Panthers in the State Tournament (they lost their first and 3rd game to take 6th in State) On Friday, we drove back to Medford. On the way t the coast and on the way home we stopped in Eugene at Boarders Books. Last night we watched the DVD "The History Boys"*** and then I watched 'Across the Universe"*** followed by "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon"***** which is one of my favorite movies. I enjoyed the flawed "Across the Universe" which is basically a music video of the 1960's set to Beatles music sung by others. I am a sucker for any movie about the 1960's and enjoyed it. Some of the musical numbers worked and some didn't. "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" is a movie I always enjoy and it is one of John Wayne's best and in my mind the best of the Cavalry Trilogy.

Of course while I was gone Obama won the Mississippi Primary and Elliot Spitzer was forced to resign both of which I followed on Fox News at the motel. I am also have been following with great interest the story of Barak Obama and his minister who is a racist and part of the hate America crowd. Imagine the uproar if John McCain was a member of a church that cheered the KKK and white racism. I am always amazed at people that hate America with the ferocity shown at Obama's church in Chicago! I had hope that the success of Obama showed the progress we have made in race relations in this country but now I see that many Black Americans don't see it that way. The Democratic party is tearing itself apart.It's only March but could 2008 be another 1968? Let's hope not!