Monday, March 10, 2008

The Spitzer's.... "role models" ...... The Clintons!

New York Democrat Gov. Eliot Spitzer, a Wall Street anti-corruption crusader who campaigned on a theme of ethical reform, apologized for a "private matter" on Monday but made no reference to a New York Times report linking him to a prostitution ring.

According to the law enforcement official, Spitzer is the person identified in legal papers as "Client 9," who paid for a four-hour tryst with a woman identified as "Kristen" at a Washington hotel on Feb. 13.

A defendant, Temeka Rachelle Lewis, confirmed that the client would be "paying for everything — train tickets, cab fare from the hotel and back, mini bar or room service, travel time, and hotel," the court papers said.

Client 9 paid $4,300 in cash to the service, with some being used for the encounter and the rest apparently to be used for credit.

The prostitute, described in the complaint as a "petite, pretty brunette, 5-feet-5 inches, and 105 pounds" met the client in Room 871 at about 10 p.m., according to the complaint.

In a conversation with the booking agent, Kristen said that she liked the client and that she did not think he was difficult, according to the papers.

Shortly before her Husband Elliot Spitzer became governor of New York his wife Silda Wall Spitzer said Bill and Hillary Clinton were their "role models" in a New York Times article. The Quote from the article is as follows:

In January 2005, when she found herself pondering how best to come to terms with the job of political spouse, Silda Wall Spitzer sought the advice of a woman who was once best known for not fitting so comfortably into that role herself, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Silda Wall Spitzer married Eliot Spitzer in 1987.
The two of them convened in Senator Clinton’s Manhattan office and spoke, according to Ms. Wall Spitzer, “about how to maintain a private sphere for our family and how to be helpful in my husband’s campaign.”

“I figured, here’s a woman who also met her husband at law school, who had been a lawyer with a firm, whose husband was a state attorney general before he ran for governor,” she said of Senator Clinton. “There really aren’t that many role models for this.”

"Role Model"......more than she ever knew!