Friday, June 08, 2012

Summer & Law Office Move

Summer is almost here. Today is the last day of school here in Medford, Oregon. Memorial Day weekend has come and gone and we are only waiting on June 20th for the official start of summer. I always love this time of year because it is a time of transition. Kids are out of school, graduations and family vacations. This year we are moving our office from a five story brick office building to a one story building with free off street parking for my clients. I don’t often write about my office on this blog for obvious reasons but I will today. My law practice has been in this same building for 30 years. When we moved in it was the place to have a law office in Medford. In the late 1970's  A local attorney  put a lot of money in updating the building that had been built in 1907. It was the early 1980’s  when we first moved in and the building was almost entirely attorneys. At Christmas time all the attorneys on our third floor would have a hall Christmas party and invite all the attorneys in Medford to attend. We had a live band and it was great time. Now most of the law firms have moved elsewhere and it is time for us to move as well. Moving after thirty years is a bittersweet adventure. I feel like I did when I cleaned out my parents home after they were gone……. only I am still here. Going through files and drawers bring back lots of memories . Moving is a good way to downsize and get rid of all those things you don’t need any more. Obsolete law books or law books for areas of law I no longer practice in such as criminal law or divorces. My office is full of Oregon Duck memorabilia that was put away in a drawer or cabinet when the latest new “Duck items” came along and just had to be displayed. Family pictures, old paid bills, bank records and all those files of old cases that have to be sorted to decide what to keep and what to shred. On the other hand moving can be exciting like moving out of your dorm room at the end of the school year. It’s also a lot of hard work. I am getting too old to move desks and cabinets so we have hired movers but there is still a lot of work. Moving telephones, computers, Internet connections, fax lines, credit card machines all take planning. For the next two weekends we will be down here packing to get things ready for the movers on the big day. I feel like I am preparing for “D-Day.” We hope to be done and have the “troop’s home for July 4th.”

This is one of those summers that come along every four years. This summer both the Republicans and the Democrats will have their political conventions which are always exciting for this political junkie. In addition, there will be the Summer Olympic Games from London. In our family there will be an all important birthday too! One thing is sure it will not be a boring summer. Then in the fall comes Oregon Duck football and the fall presidential election. The "fun" never stops!

Link to photo of new office.