Friday, June 22, 2012

"Fat, Drunk,and Stupid"

I am reading the book "Fat, Drunk, and Stupid" by Matty Simmons the founder of National Lampoon about the inside story behind the making of the 1978 movie Animal House , filmed at the University of Oregon. He writes about the following scene cut from the script and it is worth the cost of the book.

My favorite scene that was taken out of the script before filming was when the Deltas go  on their road trip. they're speeding along in Flounder's brother's car when suddenly they pass a scraggly musician, guitar slung over his shoulder,cowboy hat on his head, and a weary look on his face, as the thumbs for a ride. The Delta car screeches to a halt, a door flies open and the traveler gets in.  We cut to the interior of the car and Otter starts a conversation with the young man.
"You're a musician?"
"Yep, singer, songwriter, musician."
"What's your name?"
"Zimmerman," says the musician in a recognizable twangy voice.
"Well, Zimmerman, play something for us."
We cut back to the outside of the car and we hear that familiar Bob Dylan nasal singing.  This goes on for a few beats, the car again comes to a screeching halt, the door flies open once more, and Zimmerman-- or Dylan, if you prefer-- is tossed out onto the road. 

That's a scene even my wife, who is not as enthusiastic about "Animal House" as I am, could appreciate !