Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Day College Football Died!

It looks like we will have a NCAA playoff in college football. Too bad! I liked the old bowl system where multiple teams and their fans would end the season with a bowl win and feel good about it for the off season. Teams from the Pac 10 (now Pac 12) and the Big 10 dreamed about going to the Rose Bowl in sunny California. Folks in the South and East Coast looked to the Orange Bowl or Sugar Bowl. Most of the games were on New Year’s Day and fans could travel to the games during the Christmas Holidays and have a mini vacation. With the NCAA playoff there will be few fans that can afford to travel across county to a “Championship Game” in mid January and pay Super Bowl prices for the privilege. The game will have all the “high rollers” who go to be entertained and the few true fans will be limited to a small area such as at the NCAA Basketball Championship Game. The ‘specialness” that makes college football different from the pro game will be less special. While I didn’t like it, I could live with the BCS Championship but not now! It will be just one more TV extravaganza on a work night. I will watch but it will not be the same and I will miss the old days. I am thankful my Oregon Ducks won the 2012 Rose Bowl in one of the last Rose Bowls that really meant something. I must be getting old!