Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bring the Ducks & the Pac 12 Network to a TV near you!

The following information will be distributed to all the participants in the 27th Annual Fitz Brewer Duffin for the Ducks Golf Tournament & Benefit Auction at the Rogue Valley Country Club on Friday June 1, 2012
Go to and send an email to your TV cable or satellite provider and request they carry the Pac 12 Network. Better yet send a formal letter.

Pac-12 Network is the national network in a group of 7 upcoming American sports television networks dedicated to the Pac-12 Conference, scheduled to begin broadcasts in August 2012. The 7 networks, titled Pac-12 Networks, include the national network and 6 regional networks: Pac-12 Oregon (Oregon & Oregon State), Pac-12 Southern California (USC & UCLA), Pac-12 Washington (Washington & Washington State),), Pac-12 Northern California (Stanford & Cal), Pac-12 Arizona (Arizona & Arizona State), and Pac-12 Mountain (Utah & Colorado). The national network is expected to be available to at least 40 million homes at the time of launch but not yet in Southern Oregon. Charter Cable, the Dish & Direct TV have not yet agreed to carry the Pac 12 Network.

Upon launch, the networks will feature 24-hour a day, 7-day a week coverage of classic-to-current Pac-12 sports, including Olympic sports. The network ensures that every football and men's basketball game not selected by national broadcast networks such as ABC, ESPN or FOX SPORTS will be will be televised nationally on the Pac 12 Network. Sports not featured nationally on the national Pac-12 Network will be featured through the regional networks. The Pac-12 Network also has the right of first refusal over ABC, ESPN and FOX for a limited number of games. See the Chip Kelly Highlights Show! To ensure you get all the games & extras contact your carrier to request they offer both the Pac 12 National and your regional Pac 12 Network.

Some of the above info from wikipedea.