Wednesday, May 30, 2012

27th Annual Fitz Brewer Duffin' fore the Ducks 2012

On Friday,  The Oregon Club of Southern Oregon will have their annual golf tournament and dinner auction at the Rogue Valley Country Club here in Medford, to raise money for University of Oregon Athletics.

Two years ago  the name of the event was changed to "The Fitz Brewer Duffin fore the Ducks" to honor Fitz who died two years ago and was know as "Mr Duck" in Southern Oregon. As I posted here when he died:

To generations of Southern Oregonians, and particularly many many local media reporters over the years, Fitz was the number one Duck fan in Southern Oregon who was always available for a quote, and often a humorous spiritual message about the importance of being a Duck. If there ever was a Duck 24 / 7, it has been Fitz. He was also a generous supporter of the Duck Athletic fund.....

Fitz has given much to this community, in volunteer time, money, enthusiasm, boosterism, arm twisting, and positive attitude. He has been more than a Tornado and a Duck.

On a personal note the meetings of the Oregon Club of Southern Oregon will be a duller place without his presence. He could light up a room with his stories and enthusiasm for the Ducks.

As a friend wrote in an email  "As Fitz steps inside the gates of Heaven, you can be guaranteed that God will hear about a team other than Notre Dame."

On Friday A bus from Eugene will bring down coaches, including head football coach Chip Kelley  and administrators to golf with Southern Oregon Duck fans. Friday night there will be a  dinner/ auction at the Rogue Valley Country Club. This is the 27th year we have had this event. Go Ducks!