Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mr. Class Warfare

The United States is in a deep, deep financial crisis and does our President of the United States bring us together to as a nation to face this crisis ? NO ! he divides us and sets American vs American as the demagogue he is !

By Ron Fournier of the National Journal about President Obama's press conference today:

Kids versus corporate jets.

If President Obama's news conference accomplished anything on Wednesday afternoon, it underscored, in striking tones, his strategy for winning the debt ceiling fight with Republicans: Make it a clash of classes.

*Rich versus Poor.

*Us versus Them.

*Those who support children, food safety, medical research and, presumably, puppies and apple pie versus the rich fat cats who don't.

In Obama's world, Democrats are for kids and Republicans are for corporate jets. That is a sharp distinction that could help put the GOP on defensive, but it may not be enough to persuade Republicans to change their posture on the debt-ceiling talks......
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Greg Sargent of the Washington Post points out Obama's true motives:

He also went out of his way to highlight GOP opposition to raising revenues by ending a perk for corporate jet owners. This proposal would raise only $3 billion, which means it’s trivial in the larger scheme of things, and Obama’s mention of it seemed deliberately designed to provoke howls of outrage and cries of “class warfare” from Republicans — with the obvious goal of maneuvering Republicans into the role of arch defenders of the interests of the wealthy.

Obama is picking this fight in order to reframe the deficit and debt ceiling debate as a battle not over government spending — losing turf for Dems —