Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Good.. Day"..... Old Friend!

I was reading a book and had decided to go downstairs to watch a DVD movie. I thought to myself let me check the Drudge Report one more time and there it was "Paul Harvey RIP". Paul Harvey died today he was 90. His death took me back to another time we conservative Republicans were in the "wilderness." It was 1965 and we conservatives had just the year before been crushed in the LBJ landslide victory over Barry Goldwater. It was the heyday of the "Great Society" and in those days there was no FOX NEWS, no Internet, no talk radio and we felt alone. However, every lunch hour my friend Dick and I would sit in his car at school and eat our lunch and listen to news AND commentary on the radio with Paul Harvey from Chicago. A conservative voice in the wilderness. A few weeks ago I was driving on business and Paul Harvey's program came on the car radio. He sounded tired and weak but he was still keeping on... keeping on... till the very end. My children could not stand his old fashioned radio delivery but they weren't there in 1965. "And now you know the rest of the story." Goodbye old friend ! (Click on the title for more information on Paul Harvey)