Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas is Over

This morning I took our daughter to the airport here in Medford so she can fly back to Washington DC for her job. Our son will stay for another two weeks before he has to fly back to Kentucky for school. The four of us had a good Christmas with a lot of family time at home watching DVD movies and playing scrabble. We did get out yesterday to the newly rebuilt Callahan's Lodge up on Mt Ashland for a Sunday lunch.There was a lot of snow and the fireplace felt good. We spent Saturday shopping in Ashland and had lunch at Standing Stone. On Friday our daughter got to get together for lunch with some of her old high school friends. Before Christmas we went out to Jacksonville for dinner at the Bella Union. We had planned on going out to some movies but found better movies at home in my "movie room". (blu ray of "Mamma Mia", "Patton", "How The West Was Won" and some Netflix movies followed by "Sleepless in Seattle") We watched part of the Emerald Bowl from San Francisco and ate a ton of food at home. In many ways this was the most relaxing Christmas I have ever enjoyed. The weather was terrible with rain and snow but it did not prevent us from two trips to Donut Country for a "healthy" breakfast two Saturdays in a row. Our kids, between them, have lived a lot of places since leaving home for college and then on to jobs but they tell us they have not found any place that has donuts as good as Donut Country right here in Medford. I thing our son and I will make it again next Saturday!

Of course the fun is not over. The Ducks play in the Holiday Bowl on Tuesday and our son and I have plans to see "Valkyrie" at Tinseltown early New Years Eve followed by our tradition of takeout Chinese food for New Years Eve and a game of Trivial Pursuits by the fireplace. New Years day is college football heaven in Bowl Games and then the following week are two South Medford home basketball games. Oh, we will take down the Christmas decorations and outside lights on Saturday after New Years.

Following all of that is the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl. I always like to stretch "The Holidays" all the way to Super Sunday.