Monday, August 06, 2007

Bourne Ultimatum **

Sunday morning my wife and I went to see the Bourne Ultimatum at Tinseltown in Medford. The movie is a well made movie . However, we both felt the sound was too loud and I dislike the quick camera cuts that is the current fad of many movie directors. It was a FICTIONAL story about the CIA. The folks at do a good job of pointing out the movies liberal bias when they post the following:

Perhaps we should have expected this but apparently The Bourne Ultimatum which opened this weekend is chock full of liberal proganda. So who is making this charge? Some vicious rightwinger with an axe to grind against liberal Hollywood producers? Nope. This is the claim of a liberal movie reviewer, Anthony Kaufman, who wrote the following in his Huffington Post blog, Jason Bourne: An Anti-Cheney American Hero?

A stinging rebuke against Cheney-esque black ops and torture tactics, Universal Pictures' The Bourne Ultimatum is more than just a heart-stopping international espionage thriller: It is Hollywood's most direct attack against the Bush Regime since George Clooney's one-two punch of Good Night and Good Luck and Syriana. If those more "sophisticated" dramas preached to the choir about our deteriorating civil liberties and oil-fueled overseas obsessions, the third film in the mega-successful Bourne action franchise offers up a picture of corrupt clandestine leadership for all to see -- where every Matt Damon fan can also enjoy high-powered American government officials as arch-villains committing treasonous and reckless activities without oversight.

In case we have any doubts that The Bourne Ultimatum is a liberal fantasy, Kaufman "reassures" us that it is:

But is the film really a liberal fantasy, where the bad CIA leaders get punished for their penchant for waterboarding, "experimental interrogations," "rendition" and the manipulation of American soldiers' minds with intimidation and humiliation? It sure seems so, as bullish Rumsfeld-like strategies are depicted as inept, while the sensitive, sympathetic touch of Joan Allen's CIA head Pamela Landy is shown as the most effective way to combat renegade forces. If conservatives like to label Tinseltown as leftwing, The Bourne Ultimatum should do little to assuage their concerns.

To read the rest of the News Busters post click on the title for a link. With all the evil in the world why does Hollywood love to make the U. S. Government and the CIA the bad guys. I have my complains about the bureaucratic bound CIA, but, as imperfect as the CIA is they are the ones attempting to protect us in a dangerous world. This movie is in fact a liberal Fantasy. Hopefully most move goers will just enjoy the car chases and the good old fashioned violence.(sarcasm)