Thursday, July 04, 2013

America Why I Love Her

There is a news story in today's Medford Mail Tribune about a citizenship ceremony that was held up at Oregon's Crater Lake National Park and the reporter interviewed several of the new United States citizens on why they became Americans.  The final interview in the story :
Dallas resident Derek Lee, 59, came from the United Kingdom to settle in northern Oregon a little more than two decades ago. He is employed at Walmart.
It was an American actor who drew the newly minted American to the States.
"John Wayne — he was my hero," Lee said. "I based my life on John Wayne. I was very quiet when I was young, and some bullies tried to bully me. I stood up for myself.
"I am here all because of The Duke," he added. "He was a man among men."
Mr. Lee, Welcome to America this July 4th!