Friday, April 12, 2013

"Cruiser" International Cat of Mystery

I usually don't post on the blog things that happen at the office but this is funny.   We have an office cat named Cruiser that stays at the office 24/7.  My clients love to come and "visit" Cruiser and it makes them more relaxed visiting a lawyers office which can be stressful to some people  We also have as a sideline a video conferencing system set up in our conference room which we rent out.  . A video conference is set for next week between London England and Medford  and they wanted to do a test to make sure everything connected. The call is originating from London. Due to the time difference, they were going to call in at around 6:30 a.m. our time this morning. We arranged to leave the equipment on overnight so they could just call in. Well, Colette, the attorney I share office space with,  didn’t know about it because she was in trial prep yesterday. She was here early this morning working in her office and all of a sudden she heard Cruiser meowing and meowing. She called to him and then she heard strange meowing and went looking for him trying to figure out what had happened to him. When she walked into the conference room all of a sudden some guy from London started talking to her. He told her he was just testing and the cat  had sauntered by so he started meowing to the cat who answered him back. Cruiser plopped down in the doorway and apparently the camera was set up so they could see him.  Later we got an e-mail from the London contact who said he thought it was hilarious. So now Cruiser has a friend in London, England.