Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Thanks to Mitt and the Rest of the Romney Family

I want to give a sincere thank you to Mitt Romney and the entire Romney family for their selfless effort in the very long campaign for President.  Considering your wife’s health issues, you and your family made the good fight at great sacrifice.  While you were never as Conservative as I am, I believed and believe, you were the correct choice at this time in American history. The United States needs a practical, competent President to fix the many problems we face. There will be many who second guess you but no one can question your integrity and effort.  You are a good and decent man. I will always remember you for your choice of Paul Ryan for Vice President and your debate performances.  Go home with your head held high.  History will be kind to you. You leave the stage  with your integrity and honor  and in the end that is all we have !  I am proud to have stood with you! You are a patriot.