Monday, September 03, 2012

Like a Bad Movie........ Democrat Convention!

As a political junkie I will be watching the Democrat Convention starting tomorrow but I feel like a movie critic going to a movie that he knows will be bad but goes because he is a movie buff. I know the "actors" are bad, the "plot" is bad, the "ending" will be bad and I don't like the genre; but, I go to check out the production values. I have never liked horror movies. Too bad, it's not just a movie or it could be so bad it will be "camp." No, the times are too serious for that! I will go with my friends at FOX NEWS so the companionship will be good. I know our friends in the mainstream media have invested in this movie so I will be finding my "fact checking" elsewhere. So let's go see: "Obama II, No Hope and Keep the Change."