Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fun Saturday at Spring Game in Eugene

Had a great time at Oregon's Spring Football Game in Eugene yesterday.  Took a charted bus to Eugene. It left Medford at about 7:45 AM and on the way up  watched the replay of the 2012 Rose Bowl win by the Ducks on DVD on the bus. After fighting traffic getting into  the Autzen parking lot we made it into the stadium about 10 minutes before kickoff.  It was a nice day and the temperate was just right. They had a record crowd of 44,000 people (More than the Oregon State  Beavers get for regular game in the fall) The most interesting thing in the game was the QB duel between veteran Bryan Bennett and  redshirt freshman Marcus Moriota from Hawaii. Moriota won! It was exciting every time he got the ball and he is very fast and deceptive with the ball. He has good command and could "read" the entire field.  He was a lot of fun to watch.  Bennett is ok and Colorado last year showed what he can do.  We will  need both before the 2012 season is over.  At halftime we  went to the Duck Shop  in the Mo Center and bought a framed panorama picture of the 2012 Rose Bowl Victory Celebration. The picture here does not do it justice.The picture is taken at night. It will go as a matched pair with my other panorama of the game taken early in  the game while the sun was high in the sky

After the game went over to PK Park for the Oregon vs Cal baseball game.  There was a record crowd of 3700 for that game and it was a fun game even for this non baseball fan. The Ducks won in a close game.
 The bus then too the long trip back to Medford and we got home about 8 PM for a long but fun day in the sun.  It will now be a long four months till football season.  When are the football magazines coming out? :) It looks like the Oregon Club of Southern Oregon is organizing an away game trip to Cal in Berkeley for the November 10th game in Cal's new remodeled and seismic safe stadium. There is also talk of organizing a Amtrak train trip out of K Falls to Seattle for the Washington State game where the Seattle Seahawks play. Go Ducks!