Thursday, April 05, 2012

CURL: Divide and conquer — Obama knows exactly what he’s saying

Joseph Curl of the Washington Times on President Obama's attacks on the Supreme Court:

"in a nutshell, is Mr. Obama’s plan to divide and conquer. Rise up, America, against your nation’s Congress, your nation’s highest court — and even America’s Constitution.

His desperation is now palpable, and it’s only April. This is going to get ugly, people."

Obama doesn’t have workable solutions for unemployment, the economy , the ballooning deficit or gas prices. He doesn't want to talk about the growing forces of oppression in the Middle East or the Iranians getting nuclear weapons. He is in over his head and he will try and distract us with his bluster and cockiness. He will spend his time giving speeches in swing states as if that is a solution to our problems, because he does now know how to govern. It is much easier giving speeches than sitting in the Oval Office facing the tough problems that confront America. He doesn't have solutions for those problems. He therefore will try and divide America. Rich vs. poor, black vs. white. He will demagogue the Supreme Court, Congress (even though the Democrats control the Senate) oil companies, big business, Wall Street, and  the Catholic Church.


"Oh, for Some Kennedyesque Grace: Obama makes his campaign strategy clear. It's divide and conquer. "