Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Put me down for Romney

I have been on the fence for some time. One day I would lean to Perry and another I would lean to Romney. Well, today I am coming down off the fence for Romney in the hope he will pick a conservative of the future like Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio as his running mate. I like Perry and could happily support him but I am not sure America is willing to vote for a Texan so soon after George W. Bush. My main goal is to defeat Barack Obama and I believe Romney gives us the best chance. Romney is not as conservative as I am, but we need someone who after he wins can unite this very angry and divided country and Romney gives us the best chance. A lot of people are very angry about the direction of the country; but, anger doesn't last forever and Perry will just continue the division. Perry is very charming and if I thought he was a dedicated thinking conservative I would make another charge for the conservative cause. However, I believe his conservatism is the fact he is from Texas and is part of the "good old boy" school of politics. In Texas, if you are part of that network you are a conservative. In Chicago, if you are part of the "good old boy" network you are a liberal like Obama.I do not view Perry's conservatism to be deeply thought out like a Reagan, Jack Kemp or Dick Chaney. We need a uniter and someone who is competent. That's Romney. He may not be glamours or exciting but we have had exciting and how is that working for you ?

P.S, Anyone who will bring back the Winston Churchill's bust to the Oval Office gets extra points in my book, as Romney promised last night in the Florida Debate.

I also reserve the right to change my mind as I watch the rest of the debates this fall. Perry could prove my view of him wrong, and I would love for that to happen, because I do like the guy. A charming rogue who likes people. Just not a deep conservative.