Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Panic ?"

Stocks collapsed roughly 700 points over two days .... this is the backdrop to tonight's Republican Debate...... as the world's economy is on the edge !

Rich Lowry at National Review Online posted this quote from
From Walter Russell Mead on "The Corner":

This is not just about how big the deficit should be; it is about whether the international financial system will survive the next six months in the form we now know it. It is about whether the foundations of the postwar order are cracking in Europe. It is about whether a global financial crash will further destabilize the Middle East and, if so, what we and the Europeans are going to do about it. It is about whether the incipient signs of a bubble burst in China signal the start of an extended economic and perhaps even political crisis there. It is about whether the American middle class is about to be knocked off its feet once again and indeed whether the middle class as we’ve known it will survive. It is about whether sovereign governments can still underwrite economic performance and financial stability in the leading economies of the world.

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"signs of a bubble burst in China" ??????