Friday, December 10, 2010

"Take a trip inside an Oregon football fan’s troubled mind".

Click on the title for a link to a wonderful column by a duck fan published in Willamette Week. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom. Today I sent a link to my wife and she said I could have written it..... I wish I had. Just a sample of the column:

Whatever your fixation, it helps get you through the day, connects you to others who share your itch and helps separate you from the hoi polloi who aren’t smart/witty/handsome/athletic/well-read enough to recognize you’re part of a super-special community of fellow travelers.

My passion? Ducks football. Has been for 38 years.

On the outside, I’m a normal guy. ....

From my own experience I remember when my kids were young and we were camping on the southern Oregon coast with my parents on Labor Day weekend.There was no radio reception at the campground of the Ducks game so I left the family at the camp ground and drove 30 to 50 miles to Coos Bay to pick up the game on the radio.

Earlier when I was in the Army at Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri I was allowed to buy a Sunday newspaper and first thing I would do was go to the sports page to see how the ducks had done on Saturday.

Or how I would always listen to the Ducks on a transistor radio when I worked my Saturday job at a variety store in Coos Bay as a stock boy in high school and dreamed of going to college and watching my Ducks !

And now my Ducks are playing in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

A friend of mine sent me a link to the above article with the words "We are not alone"