Sunday, December 05, 2010

Jerry Allen, Radio Voice of the Ducks, Reacts to 2010 Civil War Victory

Jerry, as his voice breaks in emotion, express for all of us "old time" Duck fans what this all means to us...... after all the years of, at best mediocrity, the Ducks have done what only we could imagine in our wildest dreams.

I can still remember in the early 70's as Oregon QB Norval Turner ..... we called him "Norval Turnover"...... fumbled yet another ball and as we all groaned in frustration..... a fan stood and turned to the crowd around him and said "you knew it would be like this!" and we all had to agree. The annual humiliations at at the hands of U$C,UCLA and of course the hated Huskies of Washington.The gradual improvement of the program under coaches Rich Brooks, Mike Bellotti, AD Bill Byrne,and the help of our favorite uncle, Phil Knight. Bill Byrne's buying us into the Independence Bowl in Shreveport in 1989 ... those of us who attended almost got frost bite ! The days when you could bring an umbrella to Autzen and no one minded because the stadium had lots of extra room as the rain poured. But we kept coming and soon there were more of us fans and then more and then a full Autzen Stadium which became the loudest Stadium in the Nation. Yes, we heard all of that in Jerry's voice. We love you.

Now on to the National Championship..... Let's Go Ducks......Win the Day!