Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Why the Left Hates Conservatives"

Dennis Prager has an excellent column today on why the Left hates Conservatives. For the last week I have been thinking the same thing after reading the comments of the JournoList email list. I was amazed at the personal venon expressed against Conservatives. I have often expressed my dislike of liberals like Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama or Teddy Kennedy but I have never wished them anything but good health and a long life. This is the opening to Prager's column:

Of all the recent revelations to come out of JournoList, an e-mail list consisting of about 400 liberal/left journalists, perhaps the most telling is the depth of their hatred for conservatives. That these journalists would consult with one another in order to protect candidate and then President Obama and in order to hurt Republicans is unfortunate and ugly. What is jolting is the hatred of conservatives on display, as exemplified by the e-mail from a public-radio reporter expressing her wish to personally see Rush Limbaugh die a painful death — and the apparent absence of any objection from her fellow liberal journalists.

He then give three possible answers for the hatred:

1. " conservatives believe that those on the left are wrong, while those on the left believe that those on the right are bad."

2."when you don’t confront real evil,( Communism or Islamic terror) you hate those who do." ( I inserted the words in parenthesise)

3."the Left’s utopian vision is prevented only by the Right."

To read the rest of Denis Prager's column click on the title for a link.