Monday, July 19, 2010

Duck Basketball In July?

One of the things I am looking forward to this month is a three hour trip up I-5 to Eugene to help pick out our seats, for our new season basketball tickets, in the new University of Oregon Basketball arena, Mathew Knight Arena aka "Matt Court". The University Athletic Department has set up specific appointments for all season ticket holders to pick out their seats in order of their donation status ie the bigger donors go first and the little donors like us go near the end.

In the past I have not bought season basketball tickets because of the difficulty traveling three hours from Medford to Eugene, through four mountain passes, in the dead of winter, for a Thursday night basketball game. However,this year with the opening of Matt Court I helped form a group of 5 guys who are going together and buying two season tickets which we will share under a lottery system. We have put together an elaborate contract between us and when the season tickets arrive we will divide them up between the 5 members. We will draw numbers out of a "hat" an whoever gets #1 will pick the game of his choice and get the two tickets for that game and then the guy who pulled #2 out of the "hat" will pick the next game until everyone has one set of game tickets. We will then do it again in rotation until all the game tickets are chosen. Members can give or sell their tickets under the rules of the contract but they can not give or sell "Civil War" tickets with Oregon State to any Beaver!

The University has a web site showing what seats have been taken and which seats are still available (somewhat like an airline website where you choose your seats on a commercial airline when buying an airline ticket). However, the University requires we go to Eugene and pick out our seats at a sky suite in Autzen Stadium,
the football stadium,(Phil Knight's suite) since Matt Court is still under construction.

It should be a fun trip and we may be able to go to the "Duck Shop" after we have picked out our seats. Lunch at Track Town Pizza??? It will be great to get out of the office for a day! Basketball in July! Go Ducks!