Monday, February 08, 2010

The future..... The Green Police !

During yesterdays Super Bowl there was an Audi commercial that was intended to be funny but was a forecast of the future and I found it very disturbing! It caused the hair on the back of my libertarian neck to stand on end. In the commercial a cashier in a grocery store asks a customer the question: "plastic or paper?"... and when he says "plastic" a Green Police officer grabs him and handcuffs him and puts him under arrest. Another person is arrested for putting a flashlight battery in his trash and a third is arrested for having the wrong type of light bulb in his porch light.

In the last few month I, in fact, have become very sympathetic to the goals of using less of the worlds resources. We have been switching over our light bulbs and have been using cloth bags at the grocery store. We drive a small fuel efficient car and our next car will probably be a hybrid.... no, it will not be an Audi. However, I believe the best policy is education and voluntary compliance. The State of Oregon is already considering outlawing plastic bags and I can see the day when the green police will be regulating our lives in ways we never expected ! So don't laugh it's coming and it will result in less freedom.