Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The vote heard round the world! (UPDATED)

Republican Scott Brown wins the Massachusetts Senate seat held by Teddy Kennedy. I watched Brown's victory speech tonight and I think the GOP has a new "STAR" that we will hear more about in the future. Democrats in "red" states across the United State must be in panic mode tonight. This may not be the end of "the wilderness years" for conservatives but it may be the beginning of the end! Chris Mathews ,for once, was right .....this is Concord and Lexington and the "world is turned upside down" for the Democrats. It's fitting that the revolution should start in Massachusetts.

To the liberals who think that the main reason they lost was they had an allegedly weak candidate..... oh, please continue to think that because as long as they believe that they will not change!

Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post said it best:

"For the Democrats to lose Ted Kennedy's seat one year after Barack Obama's victory is a cataclysmic event that will reverberate far beyond the health-care bill that now faces 41 'no' votes in the Senate."