Friday, January 15, 2010

ASU 76 Oregon 57 in Mens Basketball

"You don’t lose by 20-some-odd points at home,” Oregon junior LeKendric Longmire said. “That’s unacceptable.”

“We’re not playing defense,” Longmire said. “Point blank, period. You don’t defend in the Pac-10, you don’t win.”

“We got outhustled,” Longmire said. “We got out-toughed.”

"They deserve better,” said Longmire of the fans. “The whole state deserves

"It’s time for everybody to take a step back and critique themselves as individuals so we can get it right as a whole,” Longmire said

You got that right!

As I have said on this blog before, about a year ago, I came to the very reluctant conclusion that Oregon coach Ernie Kent has to go. When Kent goes, and he will go, sooner or later, the new coach will need to look at which Oregon players are better suited for a lower division school based upon their skill and or lack of desire! I have a suspicion that some of the players (Longmire and Singler excepted) may be using the unsettled situation with Ernie to sabotage him or at least take it easy!There will be film of who stepped up in this period of transition and who took advantage of it.