Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time is running out

As much as I want to stay in my "Rose Bowl World" the real world keeps intruding into my thoughts and worries. Today Iran test fired an advanced solid fuel missile capable of hitting Israel. Time for a strike by Israel is running out. The following from National Review's online blog "The Corner" sums up the situation:

Bolton: 'Precious Little Time' Before Iran Reveals Nuke [Robert Costa]

On Wednesday, Iran test fired an upgraded version of the Sejil-2, an advanced solid-fuel missile capable of hitting Israel and parts of Europe. Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton tells National Review Online that the test is further proof of how “we have precious little time left” before Iran develops a nuclear arsenal.

“As their geopolitical sophistication grows and the accuracy of these tests improves, Iran is getting closer and closer each day to weaponizing a nuclear device,” says Bolton. “This is not about one test too far, but about the continued existence of their ballistic program and their ongoing enrichment of uranium. These are the key elements to a nuclear-weapons program.”

If the Obama administration does not address Iran’s nuclear program soon, they will be left with “undesirable options using military force,” says Bolton. “It’s foolish to believe that negotiations or sanctions will change Iran’s mind. This administration was naïve when it took office and it remains naïve today. Every day that goes by with another tut tut from the president or Gordon Brown is another day lost. For proliferation, time is the most critical element.”

Bolton adds that “every test is not a geopolitical statement” and “may just be a test.” Still, he says, if the Obama administration ignores the tests, Israel may not. “Israel has a real risk here,” he says. “If they were going to use military force, they should have done it during the Bush administration. If they use military force now, they’ll face a much more negative reaction from this White House.”

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