Thursday, February 15, 2018

Trump-Clinton-Obama Scandals

Trump-Clinton-Obama Scandals

I have come to the conclusion there could be some  truth in all the scandals swirling around Washington DC which are poisoning the political life of this country


I believe President Trump has something to hide regarding Russia. From the beginning of his campaign to the present his refusal to get tough with Russian aggression has been suspicious. He may be afraid they have information on him for money laundering, corrupt business deals or prostitutes or all three. He certainly acts like a man hiding something. However I have seen little evidence Trump “colluded” with Russia during the campaign. Both Hillary and Trump were attempting to get dirt on each other from the Russians with little success.


Hillary broke the criminal laws of the United States over the handling of classified information and the Obama Administration, Justice Department and some in the FBI worked to prevent her from being prosecuted for both partisan reasons and because of a fear of a Trump Administration.


The Obama Administration, Justice Department, CIA, NSA and the FBI have been investigating Trump almost from the beginning of his campaign. They feared his ties with Russia and used the criminal justice system to investigate. They got FIFSA warrants on some low level Trump campaign people (with the help of the Hillary campaign) in the hope of them leading up the chain to Trump. They were never able to prove anything about Trump and Russia and after Trump won they had to cover their tracks by telling Trump he was not the subject of their investigation. They were not telling the truth and Trump suspected as much when they refused to go public that he was not the subject of the investigation. They then used the firing of the FBI director Comey to bootstrap the appointment of Mueller to investigate the Russian collusion charge with the help of Trump's AG. When Mueller was just as unsuccessful at proving that allegation he converted his prosecution to an “obstruction of justice” investigation/prosecution and hopes to trap Trump in a perjury trap! He is also bringing criminal charges against others on peripheral issues in hopes of getting them to turn on Trump.  The Feds were never able to get the goods on Al Capone but they did get him on tax evasion and sent him to prison. They are doing something similar now.

If Muller has the goods on Russia and Trump let him bring charges otherwise this is an attempt to overturn an election. I didn’t vote for Trump, or Hillary for that matter, but I do believe Trump was duly elected.

In any case while we spend our time dealing with these issues the debt gets bigger, little gets done, and the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and North Koreas watch and wait for their chance.