Sunday, March 19, 2017

Jim Wickre Birth Family Tree (best guess based on DNA)

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One of the questions I often get at the doctors office I can never answer is " in the family?" I always answer I am adopted and I don't know.

The above information about my  birth parents  is based upon circumstantial evidence based upon DNA through (1-3) cousins, "DNA Circles" * ,"New Ancestor Discoveries", Y-DNA through, family trees of the extended Hawkins, Brown, Worthen and; McMullin families and where they intersect, location and opportunity. In other words, who in those families were in Salt Lake City, Utah in the late years of World War II on or near VJ-Day and the ages and marital status of the prospective parents. Key single members of the Hawkins and Worthen families lived within 1.8 miles of each other in Salt Lake City during the key periods. The Catholic Hospital where I was born was in-between!  I welcomes additional evidence based upon family histories  or otherwise that supports this analysis or contradicts it. If true, this is a sad story of very young kids who produced a child before they were ready to be parents. I would much prefer a different result. However in the end, I was adopted by great parents and have no regrets. Information of family medical history would also be greatly appreciated! On a further note, if anyone has concerns about any breach of  privacy please let me know since that is not my intent. Both of my  purported birth parents have been deceased for  20 years or more, but if there are any others, please advise and your concerns will be resolved to your satisfaction.

My purported birth mother came from the old line Mormon families that settled Utah the Worthen and McMullin families. She was 14 or 15 when I was born. My purported birth father was from the Hawkins and; Brown family's that had settled in Kansas and later in Colorado and Washington State. However, one couple , husband a Hawkins and wife a Brown, settled in Salt Lake City.  They were Methodist. Their son was 13 or 14 when I was born. Good thing for me abortion was illegal in Utah in 1946.

On interesting fact is that I am related to a signer of The Declaration of Independence, George Ross of Pennsylvania. Look him up! There is a reason I love the musical  movie/play "1776"!  No, he is not portrayed in the movie.

*"DNA Circles" is a great feature on where they group people with similar DNA in Circles so you can see how you are related to each other based upon Family trees that have been filed for various families.