Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Coos Bay/ North Bend History & a Reunion

Now that football season is over I thought I would start posting more on my blog that has been dormant since last September. 

The link below is to a history of the Coos Bay- North Bend, Oregon area from 1940 to 2012. Having grown up in the "Bay Area" from about 1956 till I left for college in 1967 I found it very interesting. The article is written by a Coos Bay attorney who is not a professional historian but more of a reminiscence of the Bay Area over the years

On a related note, later this year I will be returning to North Bend/Coos Bay for my 50th high school reunion from North Bend High. The reunion of the Class of 1965 will be at The Mill Casino which when I was in high school was a real mill owned by Weyerhaeuser. At that time the mill was running three shifts a day during the Vietnam War. Little did we think that we would return 50 years later for our reunion at Weyerhaeuser. The Marshfield class of 1965 is also holding their reunion at The Mill Casino the same weekend and after our separate dinners they will fold back the wall separating the two banquet rooms so we can have a joint dance. Since my parents died I have had little reason to return to Coos Bay so it will be a nostalgic trip for me back in time. Go North Bend Bulldogs!