Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Obamacare Strikes Home!

Obamacare struck the Wickre home yesterday.  My wife's health Insurance premium went up by $319 per month! YES, $319 PER MONTH! That's an additional $3828.00 per year for health insurance for one person. We are both self employed and have  purchased our own health insurance through Regence Blue Cross/BlueShield of Oregon for the last 33 years! Being self employed we have kept our premium costs under control through high deductibles which Obama will no longer allow us to purchase. In addition, the coverage in some areas such as copayments is actually higher under Obamacare. In addition, Obama has loaded up the policy with things such as alcohol treatment and mental health coverage we don't need. My wife  doesn't drink, smoke and her only mental heath issue is me.

Time for the Republicans to shut the government down until this monstrosity is repealed.