Sunday, February 17, 2013

Movie: "Trouble With the Curve" *****

 According to Wikipedia:

Trouble with the Curve is a 2012 sports-drama film starring Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake, Matthew Lillard, and John Goodman. The film revolves around an aging baseball scout whose daughter( a hard charging take no prisoners lawyer)  joins him on a scouting trip.

I have watched this move twice now, with my Netflix copy, and love the movie.  I am not a fan of baseball but I am a fan of this movie.  I liked another baseball movie, "Moneyball"(2011), but; "Trouble With the Curve" takes the direct opposite approach to professional baseball evaluation and drafting of players.  However, this movie is more about the coming to terms between an aging father and his adult daughter. Without giving anything away the opening scene of an old Clint Eastwood" in the bathroom after waking up won me over. Eastwood is his usual cranky self.  A persona he perfected in "Grand Toreno" (2008) but the big surprise for me is Amy Adams and of all people Justin Timberlake.  They are great together. The scene between them in a drinking baseball trivia game is magical. John Goodman is just right as Eastwoods long time boss and friend.They don't make many movies like this anymore and it is too bad.  Do yourself a favor by seeing this movie.