Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Holidays are Over

For most people the holidays were over a week ago. However, we were able to make them last almost  an entire month !

Our son arrived home on December 16th and I took him back to the airport here in Medford on Tuesday, January 7,2013.  Between those dates we celebrated the arrival of our daughter from Washington DC, Christmas, New Years, the Ducks winning the Fiesta Bowl, Oregon coach  Chip Kelly leaving for the NFL weekend (He stayed), watching all or part of 23 College Bowl games, at least 5 NFL football games, going to see the movies "Lincoln", and "What a Wonderful Life" at Tinseltown, Eating out at Bella Union in Jacksonville, a trip to Donut Country, Christmas shopping, numerous other meals out, the Oregon vs Oregon State "Civil War" basketball game, attended a South Medford Basketball game, and going to the bar at Red Robin for dinner New Years Eve.  We had small parties for the Fiesta Bowl and the National Championship game.

Both of our children are now  safely back in their homes "back east" as they used to say in the Westerns. Today, it's cold, rainy and snow is expected here in Medford and the house is quiet and empty and Christmas decoration free.

But, just think, the NFC/AFC playoff games are next Saturday and  Sunday, the Super Bowl is three  weeks, and  after that  college football "letter of intent" day is February 6th  and we have a Duck recruiting dinner that same day at the 7 Feathers Casino in Canyonville . . And I haven't even talked about movies, music, history and a possible trip to Eugene for a Duck Basketball game.